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Korg NTS-1 Custom Case Mod

NTS-1 is awesome little digital programmable synthesizer kit made by Korg. Build it, tweak it, connect it; a world of synthesis at your fingertips! Korg It has large potential with added plugins and has powerful digital effect processor. But the self made pcb enclosure design and small SMD audio, sync and Midi connectors are to flimsy and tend to brake a lot. I wanted to have full size 6.35mm audio jacks and Din-5 Midi sockets to be able to use this synth in my setup, so I need to make my own sturdy case. I had some wooden box leftovers

SunVox Standalone Synth

First of all if you don’t know what the hell is SunVox then here is official information from the source: SunVox is a small, fast and powerful modular synthesizer with pattern-based sequencer (tracker). It is a tool for those people who like to compose music wherever they are, whenever they wish. On any device. On any system. And it’s free for most of the systems, except the Android and iOS. Now you know what SunVox software is. I want this to be standalone SunVox Raspberry Pi synth and be portable and independent from the computer as much as possible, let just

Simple Bench Power Supply

Here is another simple but useful project using this cheap but awesome buck-boost module with LCD screen as adjustable bench DC stable power supply. It can be used as a battery charger or as a LED constant current driver or a step-up/down boost converter. But I will use it as a bench power supply that will be able to produce output voltage from 0.6V to 30V DC and current from 0A up to 4A, depending on the input voltage that can be from 5V to 30V DC. It has screw ark type terminal blocks on input and output so I

Velleman LAB-1 T12 Oled Mod

Here is another useful mod for Velleman LAB-1 that will improve it by replacing soldering station with better one! We will use this popular Hakko replacement, T12 Oled soldering station diy kit. First we need to test the kit with current LAB-1 power supply that is just AC transformer. We will use these 8A 18V AC/DC converter because we need max 24V DC to power up the T12 soldering iron. Then we will need to put T12 kit together. Let’s start from the handle, solder tilt trigger switches to the handle pcb. I used both given in the kit for better

DSO150 Battery Mod

DSO150 mini oscilloscope is great tool not only for beginners or professional electronics engineers, but useful as remote tool used by car mechanics, audiophiles, musicians. If you need to measure all sort of signals but cannot afford professional oscilloscope, you should have this in your toolbox! Of course this cheap oscilloscope has some limits, no battery, only one channel, up to 200KHz resolution. But we can overcome one of it’s limits and make portability of this device a huge advantage. Add batteries! Simple way is to use powerbank or attach some 9V battery outside the enclosure. But ideal solution is

Camera Battery Tripod

I use overhead camera rig to make my YouTube videos. Some shots my take a long time and when you need to charge batteries it makes it even longer. I don’t want to connect any wires when camera is working also I need to make my camera mobile. There is a solution, I need a bigger battery mounted to camera and tripod! Well this isn’t exactly a tripod but the weight of the batteries can keep whole thing in place. All we need is some enclosure that will hold at least two 18650 li-ion cells, a power charger, and a

Power Supply with USB CV/Gate out

This is simple project to make Power Supply efficient enough to power up many devices like synth from one source. This means to free up space used by many power bricks for every synth, drum machine or sound effects. Most of the sound gear use 9V, some use 12V and other 5V from USB, so there is a problem with a lot of tangled up cables with different socket types. I have unused laptop power brick that has around 16V and 5A on the output, use couple of power regulators to get down to 12V, 9V and 5V. I used

Blueberry – IoT Device

Blueberry is my past project that came from idea of wireless USB drive and pocket Web Dev Server that was evolving and finally ended up as a remote IoT home automation device. You can see the progress and components used to make this one here. First version was based on ESP-13 WiFi module (a very small version of ESP8266), micro USB-UART RS232 TTL FT232 3.3/5V converter and small 3.7V 450mAh lipo battery and USB charger. The problem was to solder the wires to a small 1,5mm raster pads of a ESP-13 and find good enclosure for it. Fortunately I had

Cassette Tape Player Mods

Another simple mod but very satisfying one. If you need this warm analog lo-fi tape sounds in your synth setup, you don’t need to buy some expensive multitrack Tascam Portastudio like recorders. You can get this cheap brand new Bush Portable Cassette Player and Recorder with AM FM Radio, and do some mods to it! First is just a pure visual mod, removing the antenna and front cover with the speaker to give it easy access to the cassette. We will also move the switch from AM/FM because I would like to use build-in radio as additional input/instrument source and

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