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Simple Bench Power Supply

Here is another simple but useful project using this cheap but awesome buck-boost module with LCD screen as adjustable bench DC stable power supply. It can be used as a battery charger or as a LED constant current driver or a step-up/down boost converter. But I will use it as a bench power supply that will be able to produce output voltage from 0.6V to 30V DC and current from 0A up to 4A, depending on the input voltage that can be from 5V to 30V DC. It has screw ark type terminal blocks on input and output so I

Velleman LAB-1 T12 Oled Mod

Here is another useful mod for Velleman LAB-1 that will improve it by replacing soldering station with better one! We will use this popular Hakko replacement, T12 Oled soldering station diy kit. First we need to test the kit with current LAB-1 power supply that is just AC transformer. We will use these 8A 18V AC/DC converter because we need max 24V DC to power up the T12 soldering iron. Then we will need to put T12 kit together. Let’s start from the handle, solder tilt trigger switches to the handle pcb. I used both given in the kit for better

DSO150 Battery Mod

DSO150 mini oscilloscope is great tool not only for beginners or professional electronics engineers, but useful as remote tool used by car mechanics, audiophiles, musicians. If you need to measure all sort of signals but cannot afford professional oscilloscope, you should have this in your toolbox! Of course this cheap oscilloscope has some limits, no battery, only one channel, up to 200KHz resolution. But we can overcome one of it’s limits and make portability of this device a huge advantage. Add batteries! Simple way is to use powerbank or attach some 9V battery outside the enclosure. But ideal solution is

Velleman LAB-1 Mod

Here is a simple mod for 3 in 1 Soldering Station, Regulated DC Power Supply and Digital Multimeter – Velleman LAB-1. Multimeter module is operated using 9V battery that we don’t want to use. But how to replace it? Well, we can use Regulated Power Supply module instead of a battery, but that could disrupt operating of this module and can cause voltage drops when we use it for powering some other circuits. But there is another possibility, we can use power from Multimeter LCD backlight socket, unfortunately it’s 9V AC. So we just need to convert AC to DC,

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