Simple Bench Power Supply

Here is another simple but useful project using this cheap but awesome buck-boost module with LCD screen as adjustable bench DC stable power supply.

It can be used as a battery charger or as a LED constant current driver or a step-up/down boost converter.

But I will use it as a bench power supply that will be able to produce output voltage from 0.6V to 30V DC and current from 0A up to 4A, depending on the input voltage that can be from 5V to 30V DC.

It has screw ark type terminal blocks on input and output so I decided that I can add my own banana plug jack connectors.

But I need to attach them to some sort of case, fortunately I had empty case from an old analog TV tuner that is made from some sort of metal similar to aluminum that is strong enough to hold two big terminals.

The case dimensions is perfect for the module size, but we need to add our own buttons to be able to adjust voltage, because the original ones are too small.

We need attach the buttons to some sort of clear see thru cover to be able to see the screen. I have used cassette tape cover lead, with little bit of sanding it down to a metal cover dimension and drilling some holes for the buttons.

I have also added separate power barrel connector with a polarity selectable switch to be able to connect any wallwart or a power brick or any other center positive/negative source to the input of the module. But you don’t have to do that since there is already a center positive barrel connector on the pcb.

This is how it looks finished, a small lab bench power supply ready to power up your projects!

Here is the buck-module used in this project –

Here are banana terminal blocks –

Here are the push buttons –

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