Project Tag: Analog

Cassette Tape Player Mods

Another simple mod but very satisfying one. If you need this warm analog lo-fi tape sounds in your synth setup, you don’t need to buy some expensive multitrack Tascam Portastudio like recorders. You can get this cheap brand new Bush Portable Cassette Player and Recorder with AM FM Radio, and do some mods to it! First is just a pure visual mod, removing the antenna and front cover with the speaker to give it easy access to the cassette. We will also move the switch from AM/FM because I would like to use build-in radio as additional input/instrument source and

Gakken SX-150 Mods

Here are some mods of my Gakken SX-150 analog synth. I have added resonance feedback and drone knobs. CV/Gate inputs and 1/4 inch audio output. LFO blue LED and external power based on 5V power regulator connected to the battery terminals. Remove batteries and unscrew the board. Drill hole for the resonance pot between decay pot and power switch. Install 1kΩ pot and solder leads to the ends of R39 smd resistor on the PCB. 5V power regulator is added on the other side of the PCB, it’s middle (GND) and right (OUT) legs fits to the battery wire holes.

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