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Velleman LAB-1 Mod

Here is a simple mod for 3 in 1 Soldering Station, Regulated DC Power Supply and Digital Multimeter – Velleman LAB-1. Multimeter module is operated using 9V battery that we don’t want to use. But how to replace it? Well, we can use Regulated Power Supply module instead of a battery, but that could disrupt operating of this module and can cause voltage drops when we use it for powering some other circuits. But there is another possibility, we can use power from Multimeter LCD backlight socket, unfortunately it’s 9V AC. So we just need to convert AC to DC,

Gakken SX-150 Mods

Here are some mods of my Gakken SX-150 analog synth. I have added resonance feedback and drone knobs. CV/Gate inputs and 1/4 inch audio output. LFO blue LED and external power based on 5V power regulator connected to the battery terminals. Remove batteries and unscrew the board. Drill hole for the resonance pot between decay pot and power switch. Install 1kΩ pot and solder leads to the ends of R39 smd resistor on the PCB. 5V power regulator is added on the other side of the PCB, it’s middle (GND) and right (OUT) legs fits to the battery wire holes.

Digital Art

Here are all of my graphic designs made in 2005 till 2007. Goal was to merge various styles like vector art with some 3D elements, spruced up with fractals. Made in Apophysis and Photoshop.

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